What to do in Monaco: Your ultimate guide to entertainment in Monaco

Before visiting this gem of the Mediterranean, it is advised to make plans in advance. This guide will help you relish the perks of the Monegasque life. Enjoy the read!

Hire a boat

Start your preparations by contacting yacht brokers – Monaco calls for booking one of the beautiful day boats for enjoying the sea! The beauty of Monaco and its surroundings will open up to you in a new way, and you will also be able to find amazing places for swimming, which can only be reached by yacht or boat. Your broker can also arrange drinks and lunch on board to make this day even more perfect.

Try out new restaurants

We suggest making dinners a part of your trip, making it a gastronomic experience. Try out a new restaurant every day for lunch and dinner – Monaco will not disappoint. You can find all kinds of cuisines: Roman in Tre Scalini, Italian in La Saliere, French in Rampoldi, Chinese in Song Qi, Greek in Gaia, Japanese in Niwaki, Peruvian in Coya and more. If you want to elevate your tour even further, try the famous breakfasts in Cantinetta Antinori, followed by a cup of dream coffee in Cova Montenapoleone. Don’t forget to book in advance!

Book a tour

Ask your tour guide to show you around the Monaco prince’s castle and take you to all the famous view spots. Monaco also often hosts exhibitions of contemporary creators that art enthusiasts will love. We also advise you to book one of the famous sports car tours that will allow you to drive on the circuit of the Grand Prix race that takes place here every year. Monaco also offers night tours that will demonstrate the lights of this country in all its glory and welcome you to the famous Casino Monte-Carlo for the James Bond atmosphere. 

Choose an activity that you and your loved ones will benefit from and let yourselves be amused!

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