Luggage Storage App: The Best App For Travelers

Traveling can be so tiring. Once you arrive at a station and have no idea where to store your luggage, it is better to choose the service of luggage storage with Stasher. Understandably, bringing the luggage with you can be so tiring. When you plan to visit some beautiful places in Victoria, it is not convenient when you are loaded with stuff.

Download the Stasher app

Downloading the Stasher app is easy. Open your Google PlayStore or AppStore and search the Stasher. Hit the button to download and install it on your smartphone. After installing, you can use the app for free. Using the Stasher is easy.

Open the Stasher app and find a nearby location to store your luggage. It is easy and fast as the app navigation is easy to understand. One more thing about the app, don’t get hooked with an app that asks for a charge – it is not legit.

The Stasher luggage storage app is free to download.


What makes this luggage storage app the best choice is the convenience to use, plus the insurance. It is included in every booking. The items stored are covered for:

  • Damage
  • Loss
  • Theft

So, the insurance coverage is very satisfactory. You can be sure that your luggage is safely stored.


Stasher is accessible 24/7, and standpoints have the same operating schedule. Stasher has this belief that time is precious, so as how you treasure time as well, especially when traveling. Thus, the majority of the Standpoints are on service 24/7. So, it is easy for you to drop your nags and picked up by the host.

You may check the opening hours of all the Standpoints near you. You may check the opening hours before booking. This way, you can guarantee it matches your needs.

How much does it cost?

Think twice: Would you go for expensive station lockers over standpoints? Station lockers are costly: it is a fact that many travelers don’t know. So, why would you go for expensive fees when you have the best alternative? A charge of £5 per day is paid.

Also, you must be aware that the service will be per day. Once you extend for another day, you must add another £5.

Storage limit

There is no limit when asking how long a customer can store their luggage. There is no limit! Feel free to store your luggage as long as you like. As long as you are paying, there is no problem with them. Feel free to keep your belongings while waiting for your next trip.

Most travelers decide to spend more time staying in Victoria, which makes them look for storage for their luggage. Instead of bringing all the stuff while visiting some tourist spots in the place, let Stasher take care of your luggage for a while. You can be sure that all your things are kept and protected by their insurance service.

Getting their service is easy via accessing the app and reading through their services. Understand everything to know the benefits to get from them.

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