Four Ways To Stay Safe When Outdoors During Winter

Simply because the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop doesn’t mean that outdoor activities are put to rest for the winter period. In fact, a number of outdoor enthusiasts remain dedicated to their favourite activities year-round, spending time outside and among natural spaces even during the coldest periods.

There are a great many reasons as to why outdoor activities remain popular throughout the year, and many are even said to bring greater advantages as the colder days set in. Wild swimming, for example, is perhaps most often celebrated as water temperatures plummet because these lows bring health-associated highs for cold water swimmers, with evidence even suggesting plunges into cold water can help to strengthen and improve physical health too.

However, before you begin continuing your training or adventures through the days of snowfall and high winds, there are a few considerations you must make first, such as small changes to your practice and equipment. Doing so will not only enable you to stay safe during the more challenging climate but will also make it more enjoyable too.

Staying Hydrated

It is important that, even in cold weather, you remain hydrated. Many outdoor activities can be physically demanding and, as a result, leave our bodies in need of hydration. However, during cold and rainy conditions, it can be easy to neglect one’s water intake. Be sure that you bring along plenty to drink on your outdoor adventures and ensure that, even if you don’t actively feel thirsty, you continue to drink.

Keeping Warm

Body heat is, however, a much more noticeable issue for those spending time outdoors during winter. Without the proper clothing and equipment, individuals can very soon feel the chill. Those who are interacting with water should be especially cautious because even a wetsuit can struggle to prevent body temperatures from dropping over time.

Ensure that, whether you’re surfing or hiking, you bring along appropriate clothing, as well as accessories like gloves, hats, and flasks, the latter of which will ensure you stay hydrated while keeping your internal temperature warm too.

Go Together

A great tip for those venturing outdoors during winter for the first time is to go together. By adventuring in groups, whether to cycle through the countryside or to swim in the sea, you will ensure that you are kept much safe, being with the support of those around you. Additionally, many find that they are motivated by groups more than they are engaging in an activity solely by themselves, so it can be a useful way to ensure you keep at it!

Check The Weather

It may sound rather simple but by maintaining a careful eye on the forecast, drastic and sudden weather changes can often be avoided. If a forecast is too risky, such as with high winds or heavy rainfall, then kayaking trips and climbing expeditions can be put off until there is a safer environment within which to do so. Those familiar with the forecast are also much more likely to be prepared with their equipment, packing appropriately for the coming climate.

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