Five Great Gifts For Those Who Live By The Coast

Those who live by the coast often choose to do so for a reason, whether it is that they love to swim and fish, or simply enjoy the salty air. When it comes to figuring out the perfect gift for such a person, finding this reason, that which draws them to the oceanfront, is the ideal start. Perhaps they enjoy watersports or simply like the coastal landscape.

If you are at a loose end and want to find some inspiration, we’re sharing eight great gift ideas for those who live by the coast.

Floating Sunglasses

Those who enjoy watersports, whether a slow excursion like paddleboarding or a thrilling jaunt like jet skiing, are likely to be familiar with the fact that most sunglasses don’t float. This leads to a great many pair of sunglasses sinking quickly. Floating sunglasses, however, are easily recoverable and ensure those who love the water don’t need to keep buying new pairs.

Sustainable Swimwear

Living by the water can make you very sensitive to plastic pollution, since the effects of such waste directly impact the sea. As such, a sustainable item of swimwear, perhaps one made from recycled plastic, can be a well-received gift for those living by the sea.

Waterproof Coat

Living by the coast generally means being exposed to harsh weather conditions, with coastal paths and seafronts being known for winds and storms. As such, a high-quality waterproof coat can be a game changer. There are even newer models that combine a comfortable waterproof coat with the comfort and practicality of a changing robe.

Metal Detector

Did you know there has been a resurgence in the popularity of metal detecting? Beaches are now filled with enthusiasts who take to combing the sands each week in search of hidden treasures. As a result, metal detectors have become more user-friendly and affordable, making them great gifts for those by the coast.

Waterproof Speaker

Bringing electronics to the beach can be a problematic experience, with the risk of sand and water being constant. However, there are now waterproof speakers designed specifically for the beach. These resistant designs ensure that music can be enjoyed without concern.

Local Designs

If your giftee has settled by a particular coast, they may have a personal affection for the area. If so, try reaching out to local designers, such as jewelry makers or painters, as they might be able to offer or commission a specific design that means something special.

Insulated Bottle

Whether being used to carry a hot beverage during a cold water swim or ensure that sunbathers have access to a refreshing drink, insulated bottles are the perfect gift for beachgoers. They also eliminate the need for any single-use plastics, promoting a better environment for others.

Sand Resistant Towel

Taking the wrong type of towel to the beach can mean bringing home a significant amount of sand. This is because many towels are designed solely to soak up liquid and not resist small particles of sand. With modern designs, however, sand-resistant towels are available, those that dry individuals off while simultaneously deterring sand from sticking to them.

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