Book your Malta yacht charter today and discover the beauty of the East Mediterranean

Head off the well-beaten cruising grounds along the West Med, and explore the ancient beauty of the East Med during a Malta yacht charter. One of the world’s leading diving destinations, the Maltese archipelago offers endless cruising options. Consisting of the spectacular sister islands of  Malta, Gozo and Comino, the region boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, making it an ideal destination to explore all year round. Home to an intoxicating blend of old meet new world lifestyle, Malta is rapidly developing into a major yachting hub, offering a range of amenities. From its fascinating historical landmarks to its pristine nature and rich culture, we share four reasons to discover Malta via a yacht charter this season.

World-famous diving

The Maltese islands are known for their stunning, glistening warm waters that are home to a range of sea life. Although the region may lack tropical coral reefs, scuba divers and snorkellers can expect to see everything from octopuses and stingrays to large fish species and jellyfish. Malta is home to many fantastic dive sites, including underwater caves and shipwrecks. Some of the most famous caves include the Santa Marija Caves in Comino, the 80 metres long underwater tunnel at the Inland Sea in Gozo and the stunning Cathedral Cave near Ghasri Valley, also in Gozo. With new wreckages constantly being found, there are several for divers of all levels.

Unspoilt landscapes

The Maltese islands offer prime cruising ground with just under 200 km of coastline. Landscapes here range from red sandy beaches to rolling green hillsides and rocky cliffs. Many of the beaches and coves remain undeveloped, allowing visitors to fully enjoy and soak up the stunning wild beauty of the islands. Paradise Bay on Malta is surrounded by rich, verdant vegetation while Ramla Bay on Gozo is a magical beach surrounded by nothing but nature, making them the perfect locations to unwind in peace and quiet.

Historical sites

The island of Malta is known for well-preserved historical sites that offer a glimpse into its fascinating past. It is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ranging from the Grand Harbour Marina in the heart of Valletta to the Megalithic Temples of Malta, some of the world’s oldest free-standing structures. The Grand Harbour in the heart of Valletta, the historic port of the island, has been functional since Phoenician times and is flanked by the walled city of Valletta and the historic Three Cities. Valletta itself was named the 2018 European Capital of Culture due to its blend of historical sites, nightlife and restaurants.

Divine Cuisine

Malta may not be the first place one would think of when it comes to food, but the region offers an extensive range of world-class cuisines. Stop by one of the rustic, authentic local restaurants to sample the freshest fish and seafood dishes such as Legligin or Ramlila, or book a table at De Mondion to try their multi-award winning haute cuisine which includes French, Maltese and Mediterranean flavours.

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